As a Bzz Agent I was so excited when I was picked for the Burts Bee Intense Hydrations.  I received a three-piece kit that included the Intense Hydration Cleanser, Intense Hydration Night Cream, and the Intense Hydration Mask. This kit could not have come at a more perfect time. I live in New England and with the whether changing so was my skin. It was red, dry and also had patches of flakes. I needed to try something new desperately. This Bzz Kit cam in the mail and I was so excited to try it out. I washed with the cleanser in the morning and in the evening. The kit that came only included the night cream. Not only did I use the night cream at night I used a small amount in the morning also. The mask was FANTASTIC I couldn’t believe how moisturized my skin felt after using it. But the true test came with my make up application. I always hated wearing foundation because my dry skin made the foundation look clumpy on my face. I couldn’t believe how hydrated and smooth my face was and how perfectly my makeup went on. I am a HUGE fan of the Burts Bee Intense Hydration. When I received this kit in the mail it was the same night as my craft night with some girlfriends. I was so excited about this campaign I couldn’t wait to hand out he samples to my friends. I gave out all the samples I received. I explained to the girls all about Bzz Agent and the Burts Bee Intense Hydration. The next week when we met for our craft night all the girls were raving about the product. A couple girls even said they used the coupon to purchase the moisturizer. This by far is the best Bzz Agent I have received. THANK YOU Bzz Agent and Burts Bee!!!

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