Egg Salad

I know, I know how hard can eggs salad be to make. But apparently in my little world I had no idea you could add other ingredients besides mayo. And how hard is it to boil eggs??? Well I always though I was pretty decent at it, but every time I went to peel my hard-boiled eggs the shell would stick. I honestly don’t know what I would do with out Pinterest, I found this little tip while perusing the site, if you add a touch of baking soda to your eggs when you boil them the shells will peel right off. When pan starts to boil shut it off and set timer for 10 mins. When the timer goes off run under cool water. You end up with eggs that peel easy with perfect yellow centers.It’s AMAZING!!! It REALLY WORKS!!!

Hallelujah!! Perfect Eggs!!!

Now how exciting is egg salad with just mayo???? While reading a Facebook post that someone wrote about egg salad I was shocked to find out that other people add other stuff to it. Who doesn’t love sweet relish and mustard?? I DO! I DO! So why not try it. It was FANTASTIC!!!

I only use Hellmann’s because it really does BRING OUT THE BEST!!

I use an egg slicer to cut my eggs up into perfect cubes.

I made 10 eggs, so I did about 2TBS. each of mustard, mayo, and relish.

And here you have it, The Perfect Egg Salad!!!!

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